Arcadia - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times
"The production, staged elegantly in a converted Concord storefront, is not only a well-wrought piece of theater, but also a ripping good yarn...

"...director John Butterfield has done a masterful job making the show move smoothly between the decades and to give the information-dense play a believable pace and delivery. ..." 

Arcadia - Charles Jarrett, Charles Jarrett Reviews and Rossmoor News
"Butterfield 8 Theatre Company in Concord has hit another home run with its wickedly outrageous production of “Arcadia,”..."

"... a powerful and exciting production in the hands of artistic director John Butterfield ..."

"Absorbing, powerful and polished, what more can I say?"
 (production info and photos)

As You Like It - Charles Jarrett, Charles Jarrett Reviews and Rossmoor News
"Every once in a while I see a theatrical production that is exceedingly strong..."

"[Director John] Butterfield has selected a cast that owns this story and brings it beautifully and simply to life..."

As You Like It - Sally Hogarty, Contra Costa Times
"BUTTERFIELD 8 Theatre Company once again reimagined its versatile space at Cue Productions Live with a sensual production of Shakespeare's "As You Like It..."

"Butterfield has found a wonderful cast to bring Shakespeare's delightful comedy to life..."  (production info and photos)

The Women - Charles Jarrett, Charles Jarrett Reviews and Rossmoor News
"The Butterfield 8 Theatre Company is growing significantly in imagination, depth and diversity with each and every production..."

"Director Alan Cameron ...has delivered an exciting, funny and thought-provoking production... This is a well conceived and superbly directed play." (production info)

Cymbeline - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times
"[Director John] Butterfield has created a lively production that uses the entire room as a playing area and allows some delightful performances..."

"...'Cymbeline' might be Butterfield's most ambitious and successful project to date."

Cymbeline - Charles Jarrett, Charles Jarrett Reviews and Rossmoor News
" innovative and unique vision..."

Cymbeline - Sally Hogarty, Contra Costa Times
"Butterfield's ingenious approach to one of the Bard's least accessible works ... works! He and his capable cast turn the complicated plot twists into melodrama that blends perfectly with the film noir style, not to mention the gorgeous 1940s costumes." (production info and photos)

Zelda's Mama's Cookin' - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times
"... provides a gentle and wildly funny holiday visit back home (even if the home you're going back to is only in your mind)."

"The author has a tremendous knack for sparkling dialogue. He's also managed to capture the West Texas slang and rhythms, another reason the play works so well."

"[Company Artistic Director John] Butterfield, who directed the piece, takes full advantage of his environmental theater setting..."

"The women in the cast, [Maureen-Theresa] Williams and [Becky] Potter, along with Nancy Sale, who plays Zelda's mother and the cook, are particularly adept at both making the restaurant home and delivering the wonderfully wrought Texas dialogue."

"[Ken] Bergman, who gets to show a considerable range of character in his role, is wonderfully convincing..."

"Zelda's Mama's Cookin' - Sally Hogarty, Contra Costa Times
"The Butterfield 8 Theatre Company is cookin' up some good theater with the premiere of "Zelda's Mama's Cookin'" "

"The playwright has more than captured the warmth of his characters with his snappy dialogue and very believable relationships. Director John Butterfield has also found the perfect cast to bring these characters to life."

"Butterfield 8 did a fine job producing this new work..."
(production info and photos)

The Merchant of Venice - Charles Jarrett, Charles Jarrett Reviews and Rossmoor News
"...director John Butterfield has delivered a remarkable theatrical event..."

"[Alan Cameron, as Shylock, gives] a brilliant performance, one of the most honest I have seen anywhere, anytime.
In addition, Donald L. Hardy, ...did equally well, delivering a searing, heart-felt performance as “Bassanio’s greatest friend”, Antonio. ...Nick Wong ...likewise pulled me up short with a most believable Bassanio."

Portia and the young learned doctor (a judge), Balthasar ... is played in stellar fashion by Elizabeth A. Bell. Elizabeth’s transition from young lover, Portia, excited over receiving Bassanio as her future husband, to her role as Balthasar, a character in which we find her disguised as a fictitious young judge, is really quite excellent."

Try it, I believe if you like Shakespeare, if you love theatre for the art that it is, then you will certainly enjoy this production.
"  (production info and photos)

The Importance of Being Earnest - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times
"[Oscar] Wilde's unflinching look at British high society of a century ago gets a winning revival from Butterfield 8 in Concord, which continues its gender-bending tradition by casting the role of Lady Bracknell with a man (Alan Cameron). He's hilarious, and the whole show benefits from strong acting and director John Butterfield's charming tone."

“The Play is filled with wonderful performances...”

“This is an excellent production of the Wilde classic, both in terms of the overall quality and in its intimacy...”  

The Importance of Being Earnest - Charles Jarrett, Rossmoor News
"The acting is absolutely superb by every member of the cast."

"This show is outstanding comedy, delivered with perfect timing, superb bravado, with elegant costumes and set comfortably in and among the audience members in a cabaret, caf setting. Director John Butterfield has excelled again!" 
(production info and photos)

Midsummer (2007) - Charles Jarrett, Rossmoor News
“This is a unique and thought provoking production of a tale often told through European or American eyes. But by setting this play in the South Pacific, a new dimension is encountered.”     
(production info and photos)

Bird House - Sally Hogarty, Walnut Creek Journal
“Although [local playwright] Jean [Butterfield] plans on doing more rewrites of her script, she already has a very strong play that just needs a little tweaking here and there.”

“The strong cast capably handles the difficult roles.”
  (production info and photos)

Much Ado About Nothing - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times
“The two couples deliver outstanding performances, combining intelligent delivery of lines with a great physicality that enhances the close-up nature of the production.”

“Butterfield’s direction is bold, well timed and sure-footed giving the play a nice pace and a wonderfully romantic sensibility.”
  (production info)

Romeo and Julian - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times
“... there are places in Romeo and Julian that work beautifully and add new and different facets to Shakespeare’s timeless star-crossed romance.

[John] Butterfield and [Chris] Geritz are well cast as the lovers. Their performances are not only convincing but also touching, with a sense of innocence and passion. [Maureen-Theresa] Williams as the nurse gives a memorable performance interpreting the role wonderfully with a fine edged touch of down to earth humanity.”

Blithe Spirit - Charles Jarrett, Rossmoor News
“Director John Butterfield has gathered a superb cast of professional level, highly entertaining actors and delivers a lively, delightful performance”

Twelfth Night (2004) - Christina Engelbrecht, Contra Costa Times
The subtext in this Twelfth Night is very strong. But the most intriguing element of the production is a seamless marriage between the Jazz era and the Shakespearian text. The narrative is forwarded through a seamless tapestry of Jazz standards and the Elizabethan text. The play, which brought you, the famous line "if music be the food of love, play on," already has an integral musical component as imagined by Shakespeare. An instrumental Jazz quartet on stage adds to the accompaniment to the scenes enabling music to act as a living breathing character. If you like your Shakespeare with posturing, stilted iambic pentameter and doublets, this “Twelfth Night” is not for you. But if you are invigorated by the idea of Shakespeare igniting creative theatrical experiments, then its worth seeing how Butterfield interprets the bard.

Midsummer (2002) - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times
“A fascinating twist to the tale. Delightful dance interludes which add tremendously to the mysterious feeling of the forest and the story. The production takes full advantage of the Town Hall Theatre with actors rushing through the audience, up and down the aisles, bringing an enormous amount of energy to the play and setting the mood of a midsummer adventure.”    

Midsummer (2002) - Charles Jarrett, Rossmoor News
“[John] Butterfield uses the entire theater as his stage and the audience finds fairies surrounding it. Midsummer Nights Dream is a beautifully choreographed play, full of fun and frustration and jealousy and love and vigor.”

Medea - Pat Craig, Contra Costa Times

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